I was born in Pamplona (Spain, 2001) but I have been moving around Europe. That has helped me to learn different ways of seeing things, problem solving and learn from my mistakes. I received my education in Pamplona, Madrid, Galway, and Claremorris. Currently, I am studying illustration at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), in Dublin.

I love learning new techniques, making mistakes, and making people feel, think. I’m really interested in mixing techniques, it has to be fun, for me, the best way of learning is by doing. I find inspiration in things that happen around me, either people, experiences, landscapes, smells, sounds… I love to be outside my house.

Among the most notable works I have done are; a photographer and designer for an advertisement for «Hola» magazine, hired by the Rubio jewellery store, located in Pamplona. In charge of artistic photography for the cover of «calima», a single by singer-songwriter Maia. I also made two solo exhibitions, both digital photography (Monochrome, 2019 / Azules, 2022), which you can find more info in the menu «projects». 

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