The exhibition was born as a result of a photographic essay (titled “blues”) that was completed on January 12, 2022. The essay portrays the cleaning sector of the Erasmo Madrid residence, specifically five women (Greta, Belinda, Conchita, Elena, and Pilar). It could be said that it has a documentary intention since it seeks to make the workers knew, who are invisible to the rest of the world. The work is born from a personal experience and shows how both the portrayed and the author, get to know each other little by little.
The work aims to present the workers as invisible mothers since they are women who take care of all the students in the residence. Most of these are the first time they leave their homes and live far from their families. Even so, although many do not know it, they have five mothers who take care of them silently.

«Azules» (blue), is a photographic exhibition made as a tribute to the housekeeping service in my residence, in Madrid.

“The purpose of the exhibition is to create a conversation between residents and the cleaning service.”