The teacher presented the subject as “photography without a camera” and from that moment on she had my full attention. After buying the liquids with my classmates, we made two mixes which we took home. I arrived at my residence euphoric, and I got on with it immediately. I lowered the blinds in the room and began to cut out watercolour papers and apply the emulsion to the papers. I didn’t know exactly what to do them on, so, while the papers were drying, I went for a walk. I started collecting plants that I found on campus, and left them to dry between newspaper papers and under heavy books, just like my mother taught me when I was little.

After sticking the papers on the plants, I waited for a whole day to get enough light until the yellowish emulsion started to turn dark green. Then I took them to the bathroom, where I did the development process.

Later that same year, I decided to try again. I was in charge of the album cover of the talented singer, producer and songwriter Maia. (Spotify below)

I did not know how to make cyanotypes.

«I thought they were drawings»