I made this film with my father’s analog camera, I had several problems in terms of removing the film from the chassis, causing that the light to veil parts of the photographs and creating those spots of light and shadow. Another mistake that happened is the marking of the reel hooking holes, I found them very attractive since I like to see that the photograph is made with analog.

That gives a feeling that someone has done it with his own hands, he has prepared everything to create that photograph. It also adds a touch of mystery, as if you had found the movie in an abandoned attic.
Although the finish is not as expected, I liked it and I began to be interested in experimental photography, I love the idea of ​​doing a job controlling errors and doing it «wrong» on purpose.

This was one of the first photo rolls to go bad, but okay.

«you have to get things wrong to learn how to do them right.»