He was volunteering at the TULCA FEST GALWAY. My task was to welcome the public, explain what the installation was about and distribute the brochures. It was a long day, my colleagues and I were working in the rain from 2:00 to 9:00. Finally, we started to collect the tents, fold them, and put them on their covers.
I was folding one of the tables when I thought I saw something shine under it, I bent down, picked it up, and cleaned it, it was covered in mud and I didn’t know what it was.It was a brooch. I looked around, most of the volunteers had gone home, so I asked the organizer.
«You can keep it, I don’t see anyone around here.» We finished packing, I put on my coat and walked home. I grabbed an awl and started to carve the first thing that came to mind; a branch of eucalyptus.
The brooch reminded me of my grandmother and the steam baths that she used to give my cousins ​​and me when we had colds. I finished carving it, but it wasn’t clear, so I painted the entire surface with white wall paint, then sanded the entire brooch until it looked smooth and shiny.

Later, I gave this brooch as a Christmas gift to my mother.

I found this brooch on the ground, covered in mud.