I had been in my hometown for several days without my stuff. I had left everything in Ireland, my brushes, my notebooks… everything. After a while of looking between the boxes full of dust, I found some plastics, they were almost like cloth. I took them out, it was a very interesting plastic, it weighed very little and was thin. When the wind blew, it seemed as if was underwater. I carried it up to my room and began to cut it into strips. I called my little sister and we went for a walk. We started to play with the strips and we finished doing a photo series. We also made a small video and a small performance in the middle of the forest. The performance consisted of tying the strips to the trees, which, with the wind, moved and created a strange sensation. Walking through the trees was like being underwater. I took advantage of the fact that we already had the photographs taken to make a series of photography mixed with poems I spoke with a friend, a former colleague of artistic high school (Raquel Rodríguez), who wrote brief poems We made a small collaboration in which my photographs accompanied some poetry written by her.

I was on the storage room looking for material to do something.

«uxu could you do me a favor?»